Breast Lift

Our appearance plays an important role in our lives. Defects in appearance can cause various self-confidence problems as well as being annoying for most people. For women, an undesirable appearance in the appearance of the breast, which has an effect on many issues from dressing style to posture, can create self-confidence problems. Breast sagging can be due to many reasons such as getting older, pregnancy, breastfeeding, breast removal after cancer operations, and hereditary. Although non-invasive solutions for minimal sagging come to mind first, they are not permanent solutions. You can change the sagging, asymmetrical, and unaesthetic appearance of breasts with a breast lift operation and have breasts that look younger, fuller, and firmer. With breast lift operation, you can also resolve health problems such as skin irritations and sore appearance due to saggy breasts. You can solve the problems caused by saggy breasts, health problems, and loss of self-confidence that affect daily life.

What is a breast lift?

Breast lift operation, also known as mastopexy, changes the saggy appearance of the breast by removing excess breast tissue and skin to change the shape of the breast. Because of this operation, the saggy appearance of the breast provides a tighter and raised breast appearance. Areolas, which are dark circles around the nipple, can enlarge over time. They can also reduce the appearance of the enlarged areola thanks to the breast uplift operation. Breast appearance is an important part of appearance. Breast operations to change the appearance of unwanted boobs can make you look firmer and uplifted. The breast appearance, which sometimes appears structurally saggy, sometimes develops over time. Over time, due to gravity, the breast skin begins to sag with the weight of the breast tissue. For this reason, changing the appearance of saggy breasts provides a youthful appearance. There may be many reasons for the development of the saggy appearance of the breast tissue. These are breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight gain and loss, gravity and aging, and structural and hereditary causes. In the boobs uplift operation, the size of the breast does not change, only the shape of the breast is changed, it straightens it. If you want your boobs to look bigger and fuller, you can consider breast augmentation surgery.

How is breast lift surgery performed?

There are several different operating procedures in breast lift operation, and a personalized treatment plan is created by the surgeon in the pre-operative examination. Before the operation, you should share all kinds of medical information with your doctor. Your doctor may ask you to stop certain medications, depending on the situation. If you smoke, it will affect the post-operative healing process. Your doctor may ask you to quit smoking weeks beforehand. First of all, your doctor draws the nipple position you want to be after the operation and the desired places with the help of a marker while standing. General anesthesia is given during the operation, so you will not feel pain during the entire operation. The surgeon makes an incision around the areola, the ring around the nipple. This incision usually runs from around the tip of the breast to under the breast, extending along the sides of the areola. After this incision, the surgeon will reshape and lift the boobs. By bringing the nipple to the desired position, the breast sizes will be reduced and the saggy appearance will be eliminated. Excess skin is removed for a fit and fuller breast appearance. The surgeon closes the incision with sutures, surgical tape, and skin adhesives bringing the boobs to the desired appearance and uplifting them.

What causes saggy breasts?

Saggy breast appearance can have many causes and may vary from person to person. Breast sagging is one of the most natural situations that women experience over time. The female breast mass consists of fat and ligaments, and no muscle tissue keeps this structure tight. Due to the lack of muscle tissue, exercises are usually insufficient to make the saggy breast firmer. Among the causes of sagging breasts, aging comes first. As women get older, the breast tissue begins to change, the ligaments in the breast tissue decrease, and the boobs lose their elasticity and tension over time. It begins to decrease the fat and tissues that make the boobs look fuller. Especially in women with large breasts, sagging occurs due to the effect of gravity. In addition to these, choosing the right supportive bra is an important factor to prevent the breasts from sagging, and smoking causes loss of elasticity in the body and may cause a saggy appearance over time. As the breast size grows and shrinks in a short time after breastfeeding, pregnancy, and extreme weight gain and loss, the enlarged breast skin cannot return to its previous firmer shape in time and the breast skin becomes saggy. For some women, the boob type is saggy without an after-effect reason.

Is a breast lift performed without surgery?

You can change your breast appearance with a non-invasive procedure. Today, breast lift surgery is no longer the only option for lifting breast appearance. If you want to get rid of the minimal saggy breast appearance with minimum risk, non-surgical breast uplift operations may be a good option for you. There are many popular non-surgical boob lift operations but no non-surgical breast uplift procedure is as effective as a surgical procedure. If you have severely saggy breasts and want more rounded, perkier, younger-looking breasts, this is not possible without surgery. Non-surgical options usually work in minor cases.

What to do before breast lift surgery?

Before the breast uplift operation, you should be completely honest about your medical history and the medications you use during the first medical examination with your doctor. Eating well weeks before the operation will reduce the risks after the operation, as it will regulate the general health and well-being. Smoking weakens the ability to heal. You should stop smoking at least 4 weeks before the surgery. Smoking slows down the healing of scars and the overall recovery process after the operation. It increases the risk of post-operative complications. After the operation, you will not work for a while, and you will experience restrictions of movement. You may need help on some issues in the first days you will spend at home after the operation because of this you should prepare a plan. All of the pre-operative tests and mammograms should be completed and your health evaluation should be considered in general.

What is the recovery process after breast lift surgery?

A breast lift operation is an aesthetic surgical operation performed under general anesthesia. Generally, the operation takes between one and three hours. One or two hours after the operation, the patient is discharged after resting in the recovery room and evaluating the health situation.  Painkillers to reduce post-operative pain and antibiotics to prevent the risk of infection will be given by the doctor. It is not necessary to rest in bed and surgeons recommended moving without forcing the operation area. After the operation, you can eat as you wish, but not recommended to take a shower for at least one or two days. There will be skin adhesive tapes and dressings around the operating incision. These dressings are removed and checked by the doctor, usually between 10 and 15 days after the operation. You may not be able to return to work after 3 to 7 days, usually. 3 weeks after the operation, the post-operative process ends, and the boobs take final shape between 6 and 12 months.

Will there be any scars after breast lift surgery? How long for breast lift incisions to heal?

Breast lift operation is an invasive surgery performed with the help of an incision going from around the areola, the dark circle around the nipple, to the underside of the breast. Excess skin and tissue are removed. For this reason, there will be a scar due to the incisions after the operation. The healing time of scars after a breast uplift operation varies from person to person. There will be swelling and redness in the boobs and operation area for about 6 weeks after the operation. After the 6th week, the tissue will return to its normal color, soften, and the wounds will begin to heal. It may take 1 or 2 years for Scar's final color to appear. To prevent scars that may occur, you should eat healthily and stop smoking. You can perform scar massage to accelerate the postoperative recovery, and thanks to the message, you can ensure the production of new cells in the area and the spread of the accumulated subcutaneous edema. You should do the massage in a circular, slow and gentle way. With the recommendation of your doctor, you can use scar creams and gels. Such creams relieve the feeling of breast pain and itching and hydrate the area.

When will the results be seen after breast lift surgery?

The recovery process after breast lift surgery varies from person to person. There are many factors affecting this process, so it is not possible to give an exact time. Generally, it may take up to 6 weeks for the scar tissue and boobs swelling to subside. After that, it gradually takes its final shape. Generally, it may take about 6 to 12 weeks for the breasts to take their final shape after the boob uplift operation.

How much is breast lift surgery?

A breast lift operation is an operation that can be customized from person to person. For this reason, there are different costs for each person who had the operation. The cost of a breast lift operation varies according to the medical center, the surgeon who will operate, and the location. The cost of a boobs uplift operation varies in the price range from 3500$ to 6500$ worldwide. The cost of a breast lift operation at Magic Touch Turkey varies between 3500$ and 4500$ as an all-included service.

Breast Lift in Turkey

If you do not like the saggy breast appearance and this situation causes a self-confidence problem that affects your daily life, a breast lift operation is just for you. If you want to have your boob lift operation in Turkey, breast lift surgery is with you while you achieve the look of your dreams, accompanied by a touristic experience in Turkey.
The hospital team transfers you to your hotel from the moment you step into Turkey, waits for you 24/7 to answer your questions, takes you to the medical center where the operation will take place, takes care of you after the operation, and guides you during your pleasant time in Turkey. All these activities and services are included in the breast uplift in Turkey cost that you will be at Magic Touch Turkey.
PROCEDURE : Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
LENGTH : 3 to 4 hours
ANESTHESIA : Local or general
IN/OUTPATIENT : Usually inpatient
SIDE EFFECTS : Temporary bruises, lumps, pinch and soreness, nipple sensation change, numbness, permanent scar. 
RISK : Bleeding, infection, skin loss, asymmetry, loss of nipple sensation.
RECOVERY : 1 to 2 weeks - you can return to work. For more rousing activities we suggest wait about 1 month. Fading of scars: 6 months to 1 year or more
RESULT LASTS : Depending on the patient. Sagging may be caused by gravity, pregnancy, weight changes or age. 

In your first meeting with your surgeon before your breast lift operation, you will discuss your health status and history. In this first meeting, how you will achieve the look of your dreams is decided by considering your body structure. You inform your doctor about your expectations after the operation. You will be informed by your surgeon about what you need to do before the operation and the rules you must follow. With small changes you will make before the operation, you can speed up the post-operative healing process and minimize the risks of post-op complications. Smoking causes delayed healing of the scar after the operation, so you should not have smoked for at least 3 weeks before the operation. You should be completely honest during the first doctor's appointment, it is aimed that the whole process will go well with a personalized operation plan and supportive treatments. All multiple tests should be performed at the surgeon's request before the operation. It should be strictly checked whether the breast tissue is suitable for the operation by having a mammogram.

A breast lift operation is an aesthetic surgery operation that aims to remove excess breast skin and provide an uplift appearance by descending the incision made around the areolar, which is the dark circle around the nipple, performed under general anesthesia. The incisions are opened by the physician following the boob appearance desired by the patient. A breast lift operation takes approximately 1 to 3 hours. Depending on your condition after the operation, you can be discharged from the hospital on the same day. After the operation, you can do the movements recommended by your doctor. It is recommended not to take a shower in the first 2 days. An appointment is made 10-14 days after the operation for dressing and control. You can return to work at the end of the week. 3 weeks after the operation, the swelling in the breast has decreased and the redness has disappeared. The breast takes its final appearance in approximately 6 to 12 months.


You can find an example surgical schedule for a Breast Lift surgery below:

1st Day
Your first day starts with your arrival at the hospital in the early morning. After meeting your plastic surgeon, you will be briefed about your surgery. Your surgeon will discuss your expectations and the possible results of your surgery. Afterwards, your surgeon will inform you while choosing the right surgery technique. After creating the road plan, you will be asked to fulfill the rest of your payment. As a preparation before the surgery, your plastic surgeon will evaluate your overall health and go through your medical history. At this stage, you will be asked to complete multiple lab tests to confirm you are fit for surgery. Usually, this surgery will take between 60 to 180 minutes. After the surgery is completed, you will be placed in your room for a rest to remove the effects of anesthesia. Once you regain your consciousness in your room, your doctor will perform the first check-up after your surgery. You will spend the first day at the hospital for close observation.

2nd Day
Your second day will start with the second check-up by your surgeon. According to your status, your surgeon will allow you to leave the hospital. After prescribing your medicine and providing the necessary instructions for your post-operative care (such as wearing a medical bra), you can go back to your hotel and rest.

3rd Day
During the third day of your recovery, you will be advised to continue resting in your hotel room. If you feel comfortable, you can have short walks, go out for dinner or go sightseeing. Do not forget that you have to follow your doctor’s instructions and avoid strenuous activity.

4th Day
On the fourth day of your recovery, you will be asked to visit your doctor’s private office for a final check-up and postoperative care. At the end of your check-up, your doctor will inform you about how to continue your prescribed medication, medical dressing care, and recovery period. After you leave the doctor’s office, you will be free to continue your stay in Turkey or go back to your country.

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