Curious about liposuction surgery

Particularly prominent localized fats in the hip and underbelly areas may remain. As a result of Liposuction is not a weight loss method, but a correction of body contours.

Do I need to lose weight before liposuction?

Particularly prominent localized fats in the hip and underbelly areas may remain. As a result of Liposuction is not a weight loss method, but a correction of body contours. Losing weight before liposuction is important in some ways. Overweight patients are often referred to dietitians. Exercise is recommended. In the examination performed after weight loss, it may be determined that some areas cannot lose weightremoving these swellings with liposuction, the body gets a more aesthetic appearance.

Can liposuction be repeated?

Irregular excesses may occur in body lines when weight is gained after liposuction surgery. In this case, a diet is recommended. If there is no improvement with diet, liposuction may be required again. Therefore, weight control is important after surgery. Patients who have undergone inadequate liposuction elsewhere can also undergo liposuction again. It is only recommended after at least 6 months have passed. In some cases where skin tightening is required, laser lipolysis method is used in the second surgery.

What should I pay attention to after liposuction?

If it was done with local anesthesia after liposuction surgery, walking one hour after the surgery is recommended as a precaution against the risk of embolism. It is important to use a regular corset in the first weeks. It will be paid for a while. The diet should be continued and carbohydrates and sweet foods should be avoided. It is used if your doctor has prescribed antibiotic treatment. The recovery period varies in relation to the width of the area of ​​liposuction.

Is it possible to get pregnant after liposuction?

There is no problem in getting pregnant after liposuction surgery. Liposuction is not harmful to pregnancy. If it is meant to say whether being pregnant disrupts the tummy tuck, the answer can be as follows. If weight is gained with pregnancy, it is seen that fat is not collected in the areas where fat was removed before. But belly fat doesn't just increase during pregnancy. Expansion occurs in the abdominal skin and muscle layer. There may be plenty of loosening and sagging after birth. This is especially true in multiple pregnancies.

Who is liposuction suitable for?

Liposuction is more suitable for those whose skin is tense and elastic. It is not preferred for those whose skin is wrinkled and sagging. Because if there is already plenty of skin on the skin, when the fat is removed, the skin may become more wrinkled or sagging. Since liposuction is not a weight loss method, better results are obtained in those with localized fat accumulations. For example, it is more logical to take it located in the abdomen, hips or neck region and negatively affect body aesthetics.

Is liposuction effect immediate?

In the liposuction application, which is also known as a fat removal operation among the people, the result will be noticed immediately if fat is removed from the waist, abdomen and hip areas. However, the immediate result should not be considered complete. After 6 months after the application, the visible result will be almost complete. Especially in the case of lubrication in the upper arm and lower leg area in the thigh, the result will be noticed immediately in Liposuction applications. However, it should not be forgotten that the swelling expected to occur after the application will complicate the evaluation. As we mentioned for these regions, it is important to make an evaluation after 6 months in order to obtain healthier results.

What is the age range for liposuction application?

For liposuction application, 18 years of age can be accepted as the lower limit for both men and women. It is important that development and growth are completed at these ages, and that the gender characters become evident in these periods. How the liposuction application affects body development during adolescence is one of the issues that people wonder. Although personal preferences are important in this regard, the preferred time for the implementation should be after adolescence due to the necessity of waiting for the development to settle in a certain form. The fact that the person's psychological cycles are high during adolescence is also among the requirements of choosing the post-adolescent period for practice.

How is the recovery process after liposuction?

Liposuction applications will not affect people's daily life much. When the person rests for 1 day after the operation, he will feel safe in the corset. The use of a corset after the operation is important, and the 1 month period of continuous use of the corset can be considered as a recovery period. According to experts, after the process we mentioned, lymphatic massage will be useful, especially for the leg area. Lymphatic massage performed on the legs will be very useful both for the removal of edema and for cellulite. The person will usually resume his normal life after 1 month.

How much fat is Taken in Liposuction application?

The amount of fat to be removed by choosing liposuction will vary depending on the person's health status and age. It is healthy to take fat for shaping purposes. However, apart from that, removing some fat from the fattening areas of people who are depressed despite starting to lose weight will allow them to be encouraged even more. Encouraging the person will make them more loyal to their diet. By giving priority to the criteria we have mentioned in the fat removal process, up to 4 liters of fat can be taken from the hips, 3 liters from the waist and 2-3 liters from the abdomen. While taking fat from the body, the fluid that the person is losing should be given through the vein. The patient can go home the same day after giving the fluid that the person lost while fat is removed from the small area. However, in cases where more fat is taken, the patient will need to stay in the hospital for one night and the lost fluid will be supported by taking it both orally and intravenously.