What is Bum Lift?

Having a curvy and well-proportioned body is on the wishlist for almost every woman. A rounder and proportionally bigger butt can be achieved with a strict diet and a lot of exercises. But most of the time, it is either really hard to achieve or it simply takes too much time. A bum lift, on the other hand, might offer an easier and way faster solution to this problem.
As time flies, our skin loses elasticity and becomes looser. Smoking, sunlight damage, and different genetic factors can also speed up the process. Losing a lot of weight or having bariatric surgery can cause saggy and loose buttocks. All these scenarios might end up with limited fashion choices, loss of sex appeal, and a decrease in self-esteem.
After gaining weight, the skin starts to stretch to compensate for newly gained and stored fat cells. Especially, patients who suffer from obesity and other excessive eating disorders can have abnormally big buttocks because their bodies can easily store fat in there. Losing the majority of excess weight by exercise, liposuction or bariatric surgery can be an effective way to achieve desired weight, but the skin might not be able to keep up with a sudden decrease in volume. After stretching so much, the skin might lose its elasticity and cannot be able to shrink back to normal. This might cause excess skin to fold causing an unpleasant look, or even restricted mobility. With a traditional bum lift surgery, a cosmetic surgeon can fix all of that problems easily.
A traditional bum lift surgery, also known as buttock lift or gluteoplasty, focuses on lifting and reshaping the buttocks rather than increasing the size or the volume of the bum itself. On the contrary, you might end up with a smaller bum, because the surgeon will also remove some of the fat deposits and excess skin to achieve a slimmer look and rounder buttock contour.
In a bum lift surgery, the surgeon will start the procedure by making an incision on the top of the buttocks. Later on, this incision will be extended to the hips and the abdomen area to remove the necessary amount of excess skin. In some cases, liposuction may also be used to reshape the contours of the buttock area by removing the fat deposits that cause the saggy look. In this surgery, your surgeon aims to achieve a more balanced overall appearance between your thighs, buttocks, and your body.
Am I eligible for a bum lift surgery?
You might consider getting a bum lift surgery if;
  • You have excess skin build-up due to losing weight with liposuction or bariatric surgery.
  • You have not been able to lose weight even with a strict diet and exercise.
  • You have a bum that is not proportioned to your overall body despite your normal weight.
  • You are experiencing trouble losing more weight in at least 6 months after you have already lost considerable weight.
  • You are suffering from excess skin on your bum due to aging or other factors such as poor elasticity, after successfully losing weight.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Although it shares the name of a bum lift surgery, A Brazilian butt lift surgery does not address the excess and droopy skin on your bum. If you are not suffering any excess skin on your bum that causes mobility issues, you can consider having a Brazilian butt lift.
A Brazilian butt lift is a surgery that uses a special fat-transfer method to achieve a bigger, more attractive, and more pleasant-looking bum. By using liposuction, excess fat can be removed from different available parts of your body and injected into your buttocks to improve the size and volume of the buttocks. Then, the deformed areas of your bum are carefully filled with these excess fat cells which are harvested from your body. This allows your surgeon to reshape and redefine the contours of your butt. This surgery has 2 different outcomes for a patient. First, because you will lose fat from available parts of your body such as the belly, hips, or thighs, you will look slimmer in those areas. Secondly, because these harvested fat cells will be used as a filler for your buttocks, you will end up with a more aesthetically pleasing butt.
In a Brazilian butt lift surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will remove the excess fat from available areas such as the thighs, abdomen, lower back, or hips by using liposuction. Then, these extracted fat deposits go through a purifying process that prepares them for injection. After getting ready as a filler, your surgeon carefully and strategically injects them into the areas that need to be filled on your buttocks.
As always, following a healthy and strict diet and exercising can also be helpful to achieve a “fit” body. But most of the patients complain about having a butt that lacks volume, shape, and an aesthetic look after achieving their optimal weight. The most significant advantage of a Brazilian butt lift is that you can achieve an increased buttock size without using any implants that might cause problems. It also provides a more natural look compared to butt implants.

Which one is better? A Brazilian butt lift or buttock implants?

Having a buttock implant is an effective way to reshape your bum. You can choose an implant between various sizes and shapes to achieve the desired appearance. For some cases, using implants can be an option but having implants might carry a high infection risk.
On the other hand, a Brazilian butt lift surgery might have reduced risks compared to a buttock implant. Because a patient’s own fat cells are used as a filler, the infection risk is also relatively lower. In order to be eligible for a Brazilian butt lift, the patients must have enough fat deposits to harvest in other parts of their body. If it is not the case, a buttock implant might be a better choice to achieve the desired look.

Recovery after a Bum Lift

After having a bum lift or a Brazilian butt lift, you might experience light to moderate pain caused by the surgery. This pain is considered a normal part of the healing process and easily manageable with prescribed painkillers. You might also be advised to use antibiotics to eliminate the risk of infection and anticoagulants to prevent possible blood clots.
After a bum lift, your surgical incisions will most likely be covered with a medical dressing. According to your post-operative status, your surgeon might use one or more medical drains to remove excess blood and fluids. These dressings must be observed and changed on a regular basis. Your doctor will plan follow-up visits accordingly. For the first weeks of your recovery, you will be advised to move carefully and limit your daily activity as well.
After a Brazilian butt lift, you will also experience light to moderate pain caused by the surgery. This pain is considered a normal part of the healing process and easily manageable with prescribed painkillers. In addition, your surgeon will inform you not to sit or lie directly on your buttocks for about 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, you can sleep on your side or stomach. When your surgeon decides that you are ready for the next stage of your recovery, you can start sitting using a donut seat cushion or simply putting a pillow under your thighs.
It is important to follow your surgeon's instructions and attend follow-up visits during the recovery process. Usually, getting back to the Daily routine will take up to 7 days. You can expect to return to work in 1 to 2 weeks. For a Brazilian butt lift surgery, you can start sitting normally with the permission of your doctor after 2 months.


A Bum lift surgery and a Brazilian butt lift surgery have long-lasting results and they are meant to last many years. But keep in mind that the results are not permanent. Frequent and significant weight fluctuations may affect these results and you should focus on keeping your ideal weight to preserve your desired look.
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